Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunny and 70

San Francisco has been nice and warm


But we have been getting a lot of hikes in

And playing even more

We have found a lot if very pretty places


We went to the beach a lot with Yaya.

We also went tide pooling

I caught a sea sea star

I like it a lot here but mama and pappa have been talking about Alaska quite a bit I have an idea what is going to happen but I'm gonna keep it under my hat

Location:Gilman Ave,San Francisco,United States

Monday, February 17, 2014

California sun

The sun sure does make a girl grow!

I'm a lot smarter now too! I can count to 3! And I know my colors!

Also I can build peanut butter towers

My umma and Uppa showed up. I had a great time showing them around.

We got to swim in a pool

Hang out at some cool places.

I got spoiled

The dirt here looks like this, it is so much fun. It's called sand and I put it everywhere, including my hair!

This is a tide pool. We explore these sometimes.

Some have sea stars. And my favorite one had an octopus.

This is an anemone... It's so pretty.

This is a crab.


I love the beach

The beaches also have hippies, there cool too I guess.

Location:Gilman Ave,San Francisco,United States

Monday, January 20, 2014

I thought this was supposed to be winter

California is something else

First there is the Presidio which is huge but pappa and I are doing our best to cover it all

Yoda lives there

There are sooo many parks!

And lots of good food

Mmm best sushi EVER! I am becoming quite an adventurous eater.

Then there is everything else here

Mamma and Pappa said some kitties are not nice

But all the beaches are

We get great sunsets pretty much every night

And just explore the coast all day

There are bays

And cliffs

And rock gardens

Mamma said I am big enough to explore the water now

I'm pretty excited about it

Check back in soon and I will keep everyone updated

Location:27th St,San Francisco,United States

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A new year

My mommy and Pappa want to stop me from getting bigger

But it won't work!

This is me a year ago

And this is me now!

I'm faster

I'm smarter (thanks cousins)

And more brave than ever

This new year is going to be great.
Imagine how wild I can get in one more year.

It's going to be busy but I promise to visit all cousins, start stand up paddle boarding, swimming, playing an instrument, and of course... step up my dance moves this year.

There is no better time... Start today

Location:Gilman Ave,San Francisco,United States